By Jacob Alexis Betmou

While it is true that an impressive number of 842 million people still suffer from malnutrition, especially in the so called Global South because they do not have enough to nourish and often not even have enough to buy “a piece of bread“, in other world regions, a lot of supermarkets and restaurants spend their time wasting and throwing food in the garbage.

On October 16th international world food day is celebrated. People were mobilized to the streets to fight against an unjust global food system that also causes food waste and malnutrition. Therefore, organizations like Misereor fighting against poverty, hunger and those who are disadvantaged, Slow Food Youth prone to the ark of taste and fight against food waste, Aktion Agrar for its promotion of education, environmental protection, animal welfare, consumer protection and BUNDjugend fighting for food, agriculture, climate protection and consumption decided to take action and promote their campaign “Leere Tonne” in front of the parliament. They put large tables with beautiful white tableclothes in front of the parliament and laid the tables with sterling cutlery and a large quantity of food that was wasted by supermarkets, though the food is still enjoyable. With this action they wanted to make members of the parliament aware that this wasted food is very valuable and political actions need to be implemented to change the food system. All gathered in front of the Parliament, they express their feelings loudly. Thus people came, gave their views desperate all and walked away, facing this situation and while being hoping that also international administrative authorities would find a solution to this problem to overcome.

To take part in this event was a great pleasure for me as it makes me sad to know that so many food must be thrown in the trash when our countries in Africa and specially in Cameroon where I am coming from are impoverished and often suffer from malnutrition.

During that day, all food thrown by the supermarkets were collected and distributed to all those who came to the streets to show that they can still be consumable and does not deserve to be in the trash. At this event, I collected different groceries, like sweet pepper, onion, basil, garlic, carrot, fruit and bread that is only one day old and is therefore not sold anymore at the supermarkets. I took the food to our Slow Food office and decided to create a nice recipe.

To show that they the food that was thrown away is still consumable, look at what we can still do with it: tomato bruschetta which means grill or burn.

Bread, sweet pepper, onion, basilica, garlic, carrot
Sunflower oil

Cut the tomatoes, onions and garlic
Mix the all and add basilica
Put little oil insight frying pan
Cut the bread and put it insight frying pan and remove after 2 or 3 minutes
Now put all the ingredients over the bread.

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